Doma Hotels

Canberra Convention Bureau
Top Secret 2019

We were invited to explore the Doma Hotels as part of Canberra Convention Bureau’s Top Secret program 2019. We were treated to a wondrous lunch put together by the talented culinary team headed up by the brilliant and focused Executive Chef Fabian Wagnon.

Doma Hotels have built an amazingly activated precinct starting with their flagship Hotel Realm, then continuing the vision with The Burbury, Little National and The inventive refurbishment of The Brassey which is the home to the bespoke Hale Gym + Spa.

Doma Group also have some stunning and diverse food & beverage offerings in their Bush Capital Neighbourhood with French finessing Buvette Bistro and Bar, the great watering hole Ostani, the elegance of Burberry Terrace, the modern Asian Lilotang, Cafe wizardry Maple + Clove and the lauded Chairman & Yip as well as conferencing and event space for almost every requirement you could devise or imagine. Something here for everybody.

Executive Chef, Fabian Wagnon’s understanding of modern Australian cuisine rooted from his accomplished French background. He served us a memorable and creative lunch journey from French classic quail and veal terrine to modern fresh ideas such as tempura lobster bao. As the wise Ice Cube once said “today was a good day”.

Our Lunch Menu

Justin Higgins- General Manager, Hotel Realm and Burbury Hotel: “Welcome to the heart of Australia.  The size of Canberra allows us to offer unique National Cultural Venues, first class accommodation, food and wine from local producers that rivals any other city in Australia and this coupled with investment into technology and innovation in the Audio and Visual sector put us in the forefront in ability to deliver a first class conferences and events. As a destination, we are only 10 minutes away from your next venue allowing you to spend more time on the important things, your clients”. 

Sheree Kahlefeldt – Director of Conference and Events: Doma “Hotels provides a unique hotel precinct in the Parliamentary Triangle suburb of Barton. It’s urban resort feel provides superior conference facilities, four separate hotels with a range of star ratings and accommodation rates, diverse dining options and a choice of two day saps, two gyms, 25 metre indoor pool and a hairdressing salon. Doma Hotels offers the convenient choice to Event Planners where they can contract their conference, primary accommodation and overflow accommodation blocks in just one contract”.

Fabien Wagnon – Executive Chef, Doma Hotels – “We use fresh, quality ingredients to deliver seasonal menus showcasing the best of locally sourced produce. Doma Hotels recognises that people more commonly seek nutritionally balanced yet flavoursome catering. We have taken this initiative and included items throughout our menus that will nourish and support mental focus”.


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